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June 21, 2014

Today my Linode got transferred to a new host after making a late payment and having my linode re-activated. It took a couple minutes to migrate and then I booted it up. After about 10 minutes my website was back online. Anyway I wasn't able to ssh as I normally did. So here is what I did:

Quick temporary access

I wanted to get back on quickly to start-up Apache Tomcat, so I went to my linodes dashboard at and clicked my linode, then clicked the Remote Access tab. It says I can access it with ssh root@ipaddress, but that didn't work since my linode wasn't a new one. Under Console Access I clicked the link under Lish via SSH and logged in with my login for the website followed by my normal ssh login I used to use. This allowed me to quickly access it. There is also another alternative above it which is the Ajaxterm Lish Console that gives you a browser shell.

Fixing the problem

I really wanted to login from the shell (in my case Mac OS X terminal) so as I looked into it I realized the problem wasn't with my Linode but with my local computer's cache of ssh host. Edit the ~/.ssh/knownhosts file. Look for the line that says Linode. Remove that line and then retry your normal ssh in a new terminal shell.

emacs ~/.ssh/known_hosts

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