Korey Hinton

korey at koreyhinton.com

Languages: Java, C, C#, C++, Objective-C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Bash, JUEL, UML
APIs: JSch, Swing, GWT, jQuery, PyGame, Pyramid, PyGTK, PyQT, Boost
Technologies: Emacs, Org-mode, Xcode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Linux, HTTPD, NAMED, Tomcat, SVN, GIT, TFS, JIRA, Hansoft, Asana

Work Experience

QA Engineer Intern – Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric

  • May 2013 - Aug 2013
    • Designed a data-driven Java menu program that allows a test engineer to customize and run Linux Bash server environment set-up commands in any 1 of 36 combinations of testing environments. Also developed the Swing GUI front-end using an MVC architecture.
    • Created a Java command-line file reporting tool that searches directories recursively and reports on file formats and expected file results based on parameterized filters.
    • Tested the software tool that prepares digital preserved record files to be migrated to new servers.

iOS Software Engineer Intern – InnovaSystems International LLC

  • Dec 2012 - May 2013
    • Extended the existing iOS ImageQuiz iPhone App to support info categories that describe details about each image and this required re-structuring the import/export XML, modifying the Core Data database model, and updating the User Interface to toggle the image details.
    • Designed an iPad app that is more game-like than the ImageQuiz iPhone app and it allows asynchronous quiz installs with score sharing via the Social Network API. I was involved in planning, implementing (MVC), testing, and fine-tuning this app.


Computer Science Major (graduate in 2015)

  • University of Utah (2012-present)
    • Projects
      • Created a Real-Time Collaborative Spreadsheet supporting formulas and cell references modeled with a dependency graph. Designed the spreadsheet in C# and built the server that allows real-time multiple user editing of the spreadsheet in C++ using tcp/ip sockets.
      • Extended the large FFMPEG codebase in C to support .utah file formats and convert multiple .utah image files into a Utah Bouncer video animation where a ball bounces over the image.
  • Dixie State College (2008-2012)
    • Projects
      • Created a Platformer game in Python using PyGame where a character can move left, right or jump across a 2D tiled map.
      • Created an Asteroids game in Python and PyGame where asteroids are created in random shapes and move randomly across the screen with twinkling stars in the background and a user-navigated ship that can shoot the asteroids.
      • Designed a Hover Skimming Photo Gallery app in JavaScript and jQuery that uses an algorithm to calculate skim hover intervals based on the number of photos in an album and creates an iPhoto hover skim effect.
    • Events
      • Participated in the Southern Utah Code Camp Competition where I built a Time Keeping Web App within 24 hours in JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL that allowed a user to add/modify/delete clients, projects, and time entries.

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