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A programmer that is passionate about discovering new things

One of the greatest motivators that led me to gain such a strong interest in software development was being able to discover new things. Discovering new things that I didn't know how to do before was very intriguing. Whether it was creating a game, a spreadsheet, a website or app everything was always new and exciting when I was a beginner programmer.

Continuing to discover

As a software developer I've realized that there are an infinite amount of things to learn about. While I might already have the know-how to program a given system, there are always new things I can learn in any problem I'm working on. I can always become more efficient and constantly improve my ability and speed in solving problems, even ones I've already solved before. I can also work on testing my code more thoroughly and trying to write bug-free code. I also feel that my interests change over time and I may fluctuate between interest in low-level programming and algorithms and then later be more focused on gaining design skills and learning about user experience.

Getting back the same innovation and passion as when I was a beginner

I remember back to when I created my first platformer game in Python. I remember feeling like there were now an infinite number of game possibilities I could create. I remember the first time I interacted with a database through php and I realized that I could store user data for users who visited my site. These memorable first moments when I was discovering what a particular technology was capable of really pushed me forward to keep learning and discovering more.

A Higher Level of Discovery

It's important to chase your interests and naturally you are probably going to do that anyway. I am finding myself in a place where I am trying to gain interests in things that I normally wouldn't take interest in. While the latest technology and programming languages are exciting to learn there are a lot of fundamental or low-level concepts that would probably help me to improve so much more. I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and start caring about things that are very important but always overlooked. I guess a higher level of discovery for me has been realizing how important it is to always keep discovering.

Date: 2014-07-06T05:40+0000

Author: Korey Hinton

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