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iOS Pre-Check-in Checklist

Code reviews can be spooky… They don't have to be though. After following the iOS Testing Checklist and I feel confident that my new code changes are bug-free I follow another checklist of things I commonly forget to do before checking in my code. Here it is: ../../media/pumpkin.png

Have I regression tested everything in Instruments for leaks and abandoned memory?
Have I ran all automated UI tests and verified there are no crash bugs?
Have I ran all unit tests to insure I haven't broken anything?
Did I do a compare of all the code to make sure all code is code review ready?
Have all new files been added into source control?
Have all work items been updated and ready to associate with the check-in?
Have I removed all code I commented out that no longer needs to be there?
Have I written clean code comments?
Is there anything I hacked together quickly to get it to work but needs to be cleaned up?
Is there duplicate code that I could simplify into 1 location?
Is there debug code that needs to be removed or commented out?
Is all text localized for all supported languages?
Are all images provided by the graphic designer checked in?
Are there any warnings in the checked-out files that can be addressed in this check-in?
Are there new dev target/environment settings that I forgot to also add to the production target/environment?

Download: iOSPre-Check-InChecklist.xlsx

Create your own checklist

Feel free to use my ideas in your own checklist. Start taking note of things you forget to do before the code review and add it to your checklist.

Next steps

I also keep a checklist I follow when testing new code changes. Be sure to read my iOS Testing Checklist found in my Am I Really Done Testing? blog post.

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