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Hi my name is Korey Hinton and I am a software engineer intern at InnovaSystems and I also study computer science at the University of Utah. My recent work has involved using the programming languages of Swift, Objective-C, and C# but I also know Java, Python, and JavaScript. I have professional experience in web, mobile, and systems software. I'm interested in software architecture, problem solving, and systems and application development. I work hard to meet deadlines and goals and I enjoy challenging myself to learn new things.


My blog is a documentation of important things I've learned and don't want to forget how to do. The content of my entire site and blog is written completely in plain-text using Emacs Org-mode. I publish each org file individually, so every published html file lives alongside the org file it was built from. To see the org files just replace the file extension of the current page's url with .org instead of .html (i.e.: http://koreyhinton.com/index.org).


I've worked on a variety of software projects for web, mobile, and systems software. I currently develop mobile apps for InnovaSystems.

  Project Team Technologies
inspireSmall.jpg Inspire! 2.4 in the Apple App Store InnovaSystems Objective-C, Xcode
iqpSmall.png ImageQuiz Pro in the Apple App Store InnovaSystems Objective-C, Xcode


Author: Korey Hinton

Created: 2015-07-22 Wed 22:33

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